Avatare for the Exhibition "Indienbilder" /Günter Grass-Haus, 2022

The exhibition “Indienbilder” /”Images of India”  aims to trace the historical roots of motives and ideas that continue to shape the ideas of India in Germany.

For the special highlight of the exhibition - a Bollywood dance station, the avatars of some Bollywood dancers had to be created.

The challenge was to create avatars that would break down perceptions of visitors and to offer them a precious opportunity to reflect their own stereotypes. For this I worked with characteristic elements of the Bollywood Clothes and designed kind of “typical” dancers based on research on “the German ideas of India”. In addition, the Live Motion Capture procedure requires a special preparation of each image with the division to each individual body part. 


At the dance station you can dance with the help of artificial intelligence. The movements of the visitors are projected on a wall in the form of these avatars. Together with IT system architect Dirk Hoffmeister, an interactive art was created as crossover between media and cybernetic art.

Ausstellung: Das düstere Indien-Bild von Günter Grass