Habitat / Sreda Gisni

documentary, 2020, 64 Min

Grandmother of Zoya Mikhailovna was born in Finnish territory.  In 1937, this was sufficient reason to upset the father of the little Zoya.

Sami culture in the Soviet Union and today's Russia is a source of life tests and struggle.

The film moves in the free-flowing memory tracks of a small indigenous people and tries to create a common memory image of the past 100 years from the diversity of the protagonists.

The focus of the film narrative is the Russian territory of their homeland "Lapland", which is now divided between four countries.

 Together with Zoya 18 Sami people of Kola Peninsula recall their past life memories in film.  The past and the present flow into each other.

However, you can feel a huge gap between "today" and "yesterday".



 Filmfestivals & Reviews

  • Final Cut Hfbk, Hamburg, Germany, September 18, 2020, german premiere, official selection final cut
  • North Character Green Screen, Nickel /Kirkenes, Russian Federation /Norway,  September 25, 2020, russian & norvegian premiere, competition program
  • FilmFörde, Kiel, Germany, October 7, 2020, official selection
  • Nordic FilmDays, Lübeck, Germany. November 8, 2020
  • Regard Bleu Filmfestival, Völkerkunde Museum, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Présence autochtone / First Peoples Festival, Montréal, Canada, 9. August 2021 
  • Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Solo Screening, 04.05.2022
  • "Länskonstmuseum Autumn Tour" curated by contemporary art museum Konstmuseet i Norr, Kiruna, Sweden, October 2022