"Take a tingling bath of ideas and let dreams and thoughts splash around. Your own imagination is limitless if you don't turn off the tap."


Idea Bath is a single-screen video installation and sculpture that was developed through 2021–2022 and went through two different stages.

The work focuses on the function and significance of media and their relevance for social relationships.

In April 2021, it was advertised on billboards in the city of Bremen, Germany, in the frame of the media festival Hochkantfestival.

An upcycled media art sculpture was created in 2022 in collaboration with IT system architect Dirk Hoffmeister.

It is shaped as an expanded and redesigned industrial monitor.

 The original animation, complimented with many short quotes in the aesthetic of the fortune cookie, is shown in loop.

The monitor turns on and off and is able to show only this animation. 

"Idea-Bath" on billboards in the city of Bremen, Hochkantfilmfestival 2021

media Art Content: Pola Rader /

technical Art Concept: Studio Hopemeister

Format 27 x 22 x 8 cm