the Gesa-Rautenberg award 2021 and the audience award of FilmFest Schleswig-Holstein 2021


FilmFest SH 2021

my short film "and died together one day" won the Gesa-Rautenberg award 2021 and the audience award of FilmFest Schleswig-Holstein 2021

an interview


Vortragsreihe des Irgendwas-mit-Medien-Zentrums: Pola Rader

Gespräch mit der Filmemacherin, Fotografin und Medienkünstlerin Pola Rader.


my motion-design "Idea-Bath" by Hochkantfilmfest,

media art open-air gallery, Bremen, Germany


This spring there was media art for everyone in the city center of Bremen. Advertising video spaces in central squares turned into an open-air gallery. Despite of Corona, there was a week of video art from all around the world.

Hochkantfilmfest: media art open-air gallery in the city center of Bremen


an interview


A cinematic and anthropological search for the collective traces of memory amongst the Sami peoples on Russia’s Kola Peninsula.

Nordic Film Days Talks:

an interview with Pola Rader, the director of "Habitat".