Terra Media

immersive and interactive fairy tale-based media experience


This project is being implemented in cooperation with MOIN Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and is currently under prototype development 

"Terra Media" is a fairy tale-media experience that is based on the contemporary developments of media and video art.

It has been in progress since 2021. It is developed by the artist group MulticArts (Pola Rader and Eugenia Bakurin).

"Terra Media" focuses on general human phenomena such as forgiveness and relinquishment.

Artists use various media techniques (360 video, real-time 3D, mixed reality) to stimulate

the sensual perception of visitors in order toto give them the way to self-knowledge.

The realization of the project is conceptualized in the form of an immersive interactive space

in which media projections and large-scale two- and three-dimensional productions take place.


selected visualisations, part „In Lumins Garten“


intermediate results, stage of concept development