UNTER DRUCK - ein multimedialer Ritt durch den Trollwald

immersive experimental play with cybernetically animated characters

"UNTER DRUCK - ein multimedialer Ritt durch den Trollwald" /"UNDER PRESSURE - a multimedia ride through the Troll Forest" is an experimental theatre project in which the artists coming from different fields have developed and tested a new format of interaction between acting, video art and IT. Work on the project began in spring 2022. First demonstrations took place at the end of August 2022 during the 20th Lübeck Museum Night and on 3. and 4. September in the Catherine Church in Lübeck. The artists are planning a further development of this new format in the future.

"UNTER DRUCK - ein multimedialer Ritt durch den Trollwald" plays in a mystical Nordic forest. Hedda, the protagonist of the play, encounters various Scandinavian fairy tales there: a "classic forest troll" , an anxious  Nisse , a swift dwarf Muckla a dangerous lake living Nöck.


The play deals with social and personal pressure. In order to cover the issue from another angle the play is based on fairy tale characters, which create distance and abstraction. Taking its cue from this concept, the play presents a movement that begins with the problems of some fairy tale characters linked to social and human problems.


Idea Ronja Donath and Pola Rader

Acting & text book Ronja Donath

Fairy tale characters, all visual content & animation of landscape Pola Rader

Cybernetic animation of characters through reality mapping  Dirk Hoffmeister

Audio engineering Sönke Ramert 

Music duo "Pabameto"

 conceptual & dramaturgical support Nina Reimann

 aerial videofootage Kay Meyer

dance mentoring Sueki Yee


3. and 4. September / the Catherine Church in Lübeck


Fairy Tale Characters

developed by Pola Rader


Within the framework of 20. Lübeck Museum Night on 27.08.22 in the Catherine Church,  Lübeck 

 immersive part

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